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APRIL 12, 2015
Date of event APRIL 18, 2015

Texas Artist Celebrates the 150th Anniversary of Alice
With a Treasure Hunt Challenge and an Eight-Foot-Tall Mad Hatter

People all over the world are taking time out this year to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s book Alice in Wonderland. There are meetings and performances galore. April 18th marks the celebration by the Lewis Carroll Society of North America which is being held in the Lone Star State.

Alice in Wonderland fans will be meeting to visit the incredible exhibit of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland at the University of Texas Harry Ransom Center and listening to speakers on a variety of topics. These guests will be the first to hear about a special commemorative, monumental bronze sculpture being created for a Texas Park.

Caption: Sculptor Bridgette Mongeon works both traditionally using clay and digitally in the computer. The digital sketch shows the client presentation of the Mad Hatter Tea Party bronze sculpture titled "Move One Place On." The Mad Hatter stands nearly eight feet tall.

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At 3:00 p.m. Houston, Texas Sculptor Bridgette Mongeon will be talking about the creative way she is celebrating the 150th anniversary. Mongeon is creating a monumental bronze sculpture of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Upon completion, visitors will be able to come to the sculpture with their lunch, sit at the table with the monumental characters of Alice, the March Hare, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat and Dormouse and have tea. The artist is creating the sculpture so that those visiting the art will complete the scene. Don’t worry if the seats at the Mad Hatter’s table are occupied when you arrive. You can, instead, search for the 150 elements that the artist is hiding within the sculpture in honor of this literary milestone. Mongeon titled the sculpture “Move One Place On.” "Move one place on," are directions the Mad Hatter shouts at the original tea party, just before everyone changes places. The artist hopes this declaration of the title of the art and the lively exchange of places at the table will become a tradition of those visiting the sculpture.

Caption: The design of the scene has changed from life-size figures to larger than life. The intent is the same. Families can come, bring their lunch and visit the sculpture. Each character interacts with a guest.

(For high-resolution images visit the Alice Press Images Page.)

Mongeon has completed the design and will soon begin working on the monumental figures in her Houston, Texas studio. The artist has just completed a book titled 3D Technology in Fine Art and Craft: Exploring 3D Printing, Scanning, Sculpting and Milling- published by Focal press. She will be mixing both traditional sculpting and 3D technologies in creating "Move One Place On" and is presently writing a book that documents the traditional and digital processes of creating this Mad Hatter Tea party scene. She is also writing a second book, in Carrollian style using rhyme and riddle and poems as a fun field guide for those trying to find the 150 hidden elements in the sculpture.

Caption: Sculptor Bridgette Mongeon will be hiding 150 different elements in the large scene such as this tiny Humpty Dumpty. The 150 hidden objects are in honor of the 150th anniversary of the story Alice in Wonderland, which is celebrated this year. When guests arrive at the park they are prompted on a treasure hunt of discovery.

The artist will sculpt these hidden objects in clay and also by using 3D technology such as sculpting in the computer and then using 3D printers to print out the digitally modeled creations. She will then embed them into the clay scene before she makes a mold for bronze casting.

(For high-resolution images visit the Alice Press Images Page.)

At the April 18th lecture at the Harry Ransom Center in Austin,Texas, Mongeon will be talking about her process and sharing some hints about the 150 hidden elements found in the sculpture. 
If you are interested in following the artist's process visit her blog on her website at or the Finding Alice Facebook page.

Saturday the 18th at 10:30 a.m.
(The lecture is free.) 
Lecture by artists at 3:00 p.m.
Harry Ransom Center
The University of Texas at Austin
300 West 21st Street
Austin, Texas 78712

Caption: The sculpture of the March Hare has morphed. The first image is the presentation model, the middle image is the small clay sculpture. The clay is 3D scanned to create the revised digital model. This 3D model will be used to enlarge the March Hare to eight feet.

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Caption: Follow the artist, and Alice, down the rabbit hole in this 150th celebration and creation of the bronze sculpture. The artist is sharing her process on her blog at as well as the Finding Alice Facebook page. Come share your thoughts about what she should hide in the sculpture.

Mongeon is also working on a book about the digital and traditional processes used in creating the monumental sculpture, and a fun field guide to help treasure seekers find all 150 elements.

Stay tuned. The lucky Texas park recipient will soon be announced.

Sculptor Bridgette Mongeon and her photographer/daughter Christina Sizemore of Diliberto Photo and Design capture a falling Alice with the help of a neighbor child and a trampoline.

Photo Credit: Diliberto Photo and Design

(For high-resolution images visit the Alice Press Images Page.)

Bridgette Mongeon 713-699-1739
The artist can be reached from the contact form from her website at

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Ms. Mongeon's studio will be open June-July for viewing and videotaping the production of the monumental sculptures. Contact the artist for dates and times.

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