Bridgette Mongeon and the Newsboy Sculpture Ms. Mongeon is an artist, sculptor, writer, educator, public speaker, and wife and mom too.

"Ever since I could pick up a crayon I wanted to be an artist."
Bridgette Mongeon

Twenty years ago she began experimenting with sculpture. Quite by accident she stumbled upon this medium during a family vacation while sculpting in the sand. Once she returned home she began a journey of self-education in her new-found passion. A few years later she gave up her career in advertising and marketing to become a full-time sculptor and writer. Though Ms. Mongeon has mastered her craft in 20 years of experience, she is also an alumnus of Vermont College, having graduated with a Bachelors in Arts.

Ms. Mongeon has had the opportunity to sculpt the famous, countless children, adults, and even pets. But most of all Ms. Mongeon finds posthumous sculpture most rewarding because she is able to help those grieving and mourning after the loss of a loved one.

You can learn much more about the artist by visiting her galleries, reading her writings, or visiting her forum and blogs. If you would like to contact Ms. Mongoen about a commission or speaking engagement, please visit the contact page.

"Thank you for allowing me to share the gifts given to me. God Bless."
Bridgette Mongeon


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