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In the drawing part of the Express Yourself! Program the children are taught the right brain principles of Betty Edwards, mixed with the teaching styles of Ms. Mongeon. Shown here are the results of 5th grade students with approximately 3-6 hour of drawing instruction. Many times the participants do not recognize the difference in their drawing until the pieces are put side by side. The results are incredible! A wonderful achievement that builds the students' self-image.


Through the Express Yourself program participants are encouraged to draw their emotions without using any recognizable symbols. In this class they drew out illness, love, gangs, anger, joy, depression, peacefulness and an emotion of their choice. The feeling most often chosen in this class was dumb. Here are a few emotions from a typical inner city 5th grade class. The onlooker tends to get a sense about each child by the drawn emotions.



After learning about their creative self, the way their brain processes information, and a special technique known as "clustering" the following writings were created. The fifth grade students were not graded for their efforts nor penalized for their grammar or spelling, they were asked only to express their emotions within words, and taught that no matter what you go through, or where life may take you, with pen and paper - in writing- you will always have a friend.

In one study the students are asked to describe an emotion using all of their senses, in another they are asked to describe themselves as their favorite animal.

"I'll never forget Jose. He labored so and swore he was not a writer, with a little encouragement he was writing this piece. When it was completed he could hardly believe he had done it. His new enthusiasm, as he read it before parents, was thrilling," states Ms. Mongeon.

Sometimes, after reviewing the writings and drawings, we can see emotional problems with a student, as is the case in the Grizzly Bear.
The Express Yourself program works well with the accompaniments of trained counselors and social workers.

Theater and communications games are often included in the Express Yourself! program, adding movement and voice to otherwise quiet disciplines of writing and drawing. Within these disciplines students learn to work together and to appreciate their own feelings as well as those of others.

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Here is a link to writings from students in other grades.

The class was as boring as an opera,
as lonely as a museum,
as frustrating as homework,
as long as the dark blue sea,
and as uncomfortable as wearing itchy wool sweaters.

I felt as lonely as a rose,
as old as an old man,
as scared as a hair ball,
as terrified as a spider,
and as lonely as a tree
deep in the forest all by itself.


I am the grizzly bear, be afraid of me. For when I come, animals run.
I eat almost everything living.
I live in a cave and have a
dangerous appetite.
If another animal beats me,
it won't be easy.
Some other bears will attack you
only if you provoke them.
Not me, I attack anyway.
If you dare wake me up
when I'm hibernating,
you will be sorry,
Because I am the BIG grizzly bear
and I will be fed.
I eat anything and everything.
I would even bite my own kind
if it came to food.
I am not afraid of anything,
not even my parents.


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