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This class has given me the power to write what I feel without being afraid of what people think.
My sister is a writer and I never understood her passion until I found it inside Me.
When I write I touch certain emotions I prefer not to confront at times, and I get scared.
I feel that sometimes it touches too deep I can't control my emotions when I write,
but I need to express my emotions somewhere through, or I'll explode,
I think that writing is a window (once given lots of thought)
I might jump through and pursue what lies ahead.

I am the tiger, strong and ferocious, preying on those about me.
I am courageous and caring, willing to make any sacrifice for my loved ones.
I ramble through the jungle causing deaths and destruction as I pass by.
I am the tiger.
Aaron White

There is an anger in the world," a hatred," a knife shearing through skin,
a fire scorching flesh.
There is a sharp corner Cutting many people as they pass by.
A warden of fear keeping people inside.
There is such an anger in the world, but you don't have to look for it .
It will present itself soon enough .
Aaron White

The teacher was as quiet as a student, as nervous as a girl getting her first kiss,
as caring as a new mother, and as forgiving as the Lord.
Rachel Harwick

There is a sadness to this life I live, a dimness of light, a dullness of lead to this pencil
A journey- from something to nothing in no time.
There is a limit to liveliness, a limit to life itself, an old woman to witch.


I am the panda bear, eating until food is out of my reach,
then I am to lazy to get more.
I am a small overweight anima l but I have my friends .
I am curious but will look no further than the cover, just to save energy.
If there is trouble around, I am not.
I will climb a tree if there is something in it for me but if not, it will remain.


This class has given me the strength to know I can write if I put my mind to it
"and that everybody is special in their own way."
I have learned things that I have never known before, like clustering.
In this class I really went down into my heart and pulled all my feelings out,
some that were struggling to come out and some were stuck in that black hole.
Ever since I've been taking this class
I have been feeling more joy, and I think more on the things I do and the things I have.
I really love the teaching. I don't feel like I'm a student but the teachers friend.
I love this class in every possible way.

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