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Market Yourself Workshop

This is an essential workshop for those wanting to make a living with their creative endeavors as well as small business owners.

An Overview of the Program
This six to ten hour workshop is full of information for the participants. Many different areas of marketing, promotion and motivation are discussed. The following is an overview of the program.

Which Way Do I Go?

Know your direction and your dreams
The key to success of reaching a destination is knowing were you are going. It is then easier to set the course and map out how to get there. Any businessperson knows that to be successful in business you must have a plan. Ms. Mongeon discusses goal setting, the contents of a business plan and how it relates to individuals and those in the arts. Participants are encouraged to take time to write down their goals. A sample brainstorming session will be utilized with several participants from the audience. This will show each person the importance of knowing your goals and reviewing the many creative ways of reaching them.

File This!
The business of art
This is an area that all artists find tedious and difficult. Ms. Mongeon shares her knowledge of such things as contracts, copyrights and bookkeeping. Her business endeavors, in both commercial and fine art, have given her organizational skills in the area of client contact, bookkeeping and recorded keeping. She will share the many documents that assist her in keeping her numerous projects in order.

Look At Me!
The art of presentation
The packaging of yourself represents who you are and where you want to go. Letterhead, business card, and resumes are only a few things discussed. "Leave behinds" are a tool not often utilized by artists but imperative in keeping your name and work in front of those who matter. Ms. Mongeon discusses the importance of all of these items and discusses how to obtain them on a shoestring budget. Discover the tricks to having your artwork printed at no cost. Many creative items produced by artists and advertising agencies in order to "get their foot in the door" will be presented.

Internet presentation and marketing on the Web, as well as presentations on CD's have been added to this section.

Let Me Show You My Work

The types of portfolios are as varied as the number of artists in the audience. Gearing your portfolio to your target market is the key. The development of an individual's portfolio is an important element in the presentation of the artist. Slides vs. photographs and video are all discussed. Ms. Mongeon will provide different types of portfolios for the audience to review.

Toot Your Horn

Public Relations
Obtaining press coverage is receiving the credentials and recognition you desire. Every artist and businessperson longs for the recognition for their art or achievements, but few know how to get it. Coverage for radio, television, newspaper and periodicals are all available to the artist having the resources and desire, most at no cost. Press Kits can be utilized to obtain press coverage and inform others of your accomplishments. The design and contents of a press kit are all reviewed.

Media kits and media guides that can be utilized in marketing and deciding where media kits and press releases can be sent will be discussed. Gathering media kits can assist individuals in understanding their market. The advantages and disadvantages of buying and placing ads are also discussed.

Please Don 't Make Me Get a Real Job
Making money with your art
For some of us making money and being able to support our families with our creativity is one of our life-long dreams. For others our desire is to be in business for ourselves. All of the tools in this workshop help to do just that. It is also important to know how and where to get the jobs and commissions that will sustain us. Many resources and information are shared in this section. Participants will be given information and sources to begin to sell their fart or services immediately.

Have You Heard?
The art of communication
Public Relations and marketing are only a few ways of communicating your ability and talents to others. There are many forms of communication that need to be used by an artist. Developing relationships with clients and those in the industry is our career objective.

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