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January 10-17, 2005
I have decided to cover papers in wax to put in the newsboy's hands. I set up a clothesline system for the papers to drip into as they cured. I still have to sculpt the headline in the papers. That will come next week. Meanwhile, I have a bundle of papers for Dusty's left arm. I'll clean them up later. Having them in place is important in sculpting the left arm.

With a trip to Houston Leather for brads for the shoes
and another trip to The Way We Wore Vintage Clothing store, I finally have the leather suspenders that I was looking for. I have dipped them in wax and added them to the sculpture. Dipping them in wax stiffens them up for the mold.

Because I have decided to cast the sculpture with these real suspenders, I must prepare them for the mold making process. Every place where there is an undercut, a deep area like behind the suspenders or in between, it must be sealed. This is a place where rubber can get caught during the mold making process. That is our next step, and I hope to get to it in the next few days. I'm filling in the gaps very carefully. I can still show depth in between the suspenders, but it won't go all the way through.












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